Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Y & R - April 23, 2013

Lily, Cane and Tyler are supposed to meet with Neil, but Tyler is still at the hospital with Leslie.  Lily makes a crack that Tyler is probably off with his new fling.  No news on Gus.  Leslie isn't leaving until she knows Gus is okay.  More talk about what a lousy father Gus was - Leslie wants Tyler to make peace with him before its too late.

Billy is at the restaurant  and he makes small talk with Carmine - the liquor truck broke down so there won't be any delivery tonight - push the Vodka. The restaurant is a money pit - lots of things are broken.  Carmine talks to Billy about expenses and setting up another poker game.  Billy tells Carmine he doesn't want anyone to hear about it, especially not Victoria. 

Lauren is at home trying to work but she's pacing instead.  Michael comes in - they look at each other but they haven't been communicating.  Lauren asked him where he was last night - at a hotel.  She didn't sleep well not knowing where he was, nor did he.  Michael has come to a decision. 

Phyllis and Summer reunite after Phyllis' holiday with Jack.  Phyllis bought Summer a beautiful bracelet but notices she's dressing a little older.  nuKyle is on today and he drops in to On the Boulevard for a visit.  Kyle asks Billy if the restaurant is going to be full time and then Jack walks in and gets a hug from Kyle and news from Billy about the restaurant. 

Lauren asks Michael if any decision about their marriage should be made by both of them, but Michael says only if they're both in it.  Michael is furious with her and asks what's going on - he demands to know and then he apologizes.  He hoped she'd forgive him but he realizes they never had a chance.  He blew it but Lauren says she failed their marriage.  She should have believed that Fen could actually bully someone - she was in denial maybe because she was a bully at his age and she blamed him for everything.  She went out and tried to forget but all she did was make things much worse.  

Back to the hospital and Leslie and Tyler ..... blah blah blah.  When Gus woke up he said "I'm so sorry Rose".  Leslie asks Tyler if that name means anything to him.

Lily and Cane are discussing launching their new line with Neil.  "Dare to be different".  Neil tells Lily to work with Tyler on it, but she disagrees.  Cane encourages her too - she wears these kind of clothes - she's their target audience.  Meeting over - Cane leaves.  Katherine is having surgery tomorrow.  Lily asks Cane why he was pushing for her to work with Tyler?  Cane says he knows how Tyler feels about her but he also knows how she feels about him (Cane), and they work well together.  Meanwhile Neil asks Lily what's going on between her and Tyler?

Tyler says Rose doesn't mean anything to him, and it doesn't mean anything to Leslie either.  They realize that Gus has his secrets and he keeps them in his box.   The nurse says Gus is awake, but only one visitor at a time.  Leslie goes in and Gus apologizes for being so much trouble.  Leslie blames herself for his heart attack.  Gus says he should never have come back - they don't need him.  Gus says as soon as he's better he's going to go somewhere.  Leslie isn't so sure about that.  Gus says it'll be a privilege to get to know his kids again - Leslie feels the same way.  Leslie asks him about Rose, but Gus' face drops. 

Billy tells Jack he's not cut out for the corporate lifestyle.  Jack can't believe it.  Billy can be himself here - no one looking over his shoulder telling him what to do.  nuKyle is supporting Billy - Jack grudgingly congratulates him.  Jack tells them that Phyllis is moving in..  nuKyle is shocked.  Jack tells nuKyle he hopes that he has a woman like Phyllis in his life one day.  Summer is flattering her Mother - she is dressing more maturely to emulate her Mother but Phyllis isn't buying it.  She's only 18 - revel in it.  Phyllis tells her not to be too eager to grow up.  Phyllis tells Summer she is packing again - she's moving in with Jack.  Summer says she's happy for her and is thrilled to get the apartment to herself - no says Phyllis.  Ok Summer says she'll move in with her and Jack and Kyle.  Phyllis' face drops.

Jack asks Billy what Victoria thinks of this.  Billy tells Jack that Victoria and Victor are back at Newman.  Jack's jaw drops but he doesn't seem worried.  Jack is just concerned about Billy - a lot of temptations at the restaurant.

Phyllis thinks Summer wants to move in to Jack's because of Kyle, but she insists she's had enough of him rejecting her.  Phyllis isn't buying it but Summer tries to convince her.  Phyllis says she can't manipulate a manipulator as Summer tries to convince her - she can't stay at Nick's now that he's engaged to Avery.  Summer says she's there all the time.  Phyllis thought she was close to her.  Summer says they were until she started to give her advice and run her life.  Phyllis will talk to Jack - Summer just played her.

Michael asks Lauren how she made things worse?  Fen walks in at that moment.  He's surprised to see Michael - his two parents in the same room at the same time.  Michael says he will be moving out and even Lauren looks surprised.  Michael says he has to live someplace else.  This isn't working.  Fen says he's giving up.  Michael tells Fen he loves him more than anything and nothing is going to change that.  Fen storms out - sure whatever.  Lauren asks him to reconsider.  Michael says they both need to figure out what they want and trying to do that under these circumstances is impossible.  She's worried when he's away he'll decide to stay away.  Michael says maybe that's better than hanging in - killing the love they still have.  Lauren doesn't even seem that concerned he's leaving.

Gus says he never heard of Rose.  Leslie wonders why he said her name but Gus says she must have heard wrong.  Tyler is pacing and Cane sees him - his Dad had a heart attack.  Cane didn't know.  Lily pitched the meeting - no problem.  Cane tells Tyler that even though he's been hard on him he thinks he and Lily make a good team and he wishes his Dad well.  Tyler thanks him.  Lily tells Neil there is nothing going on between her and Tyler - he's just a flirt.  Everyone else sees her as a wife and a Mom.  Neil asks her if she's sure about that.  Flirting with Tyler reminded her of how much she loves her life.  Neil believes her and tells her he's always there for her.  She knows and they hug.

Phyllis starts bringing all her stuff over, and she tells Jack that Summer is moving in too.  Jack tells Phyllis is she thinks Summer will be happier at his house, she is so welcome - she and Summer are a package deal.  Phyllis is so appreciative.  Summer runs into nuKyle at On the Boulevard - its been a while - is he there with his girlfriend.  He says not tonight but he'll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.  Fen rushes in - Summer is there to meet him and nuKyle says goodbye.  Fen has tons to tell her.  Fen has been thinking about her a lot - he apologizes for all the stuff he pulled with Jamie and being jealous and possessive.  Summer says that wasn't fun.  Fen says he was behaving like the people he hates most.  When he's with someone he will give her no reason to doubt him - and he says it can be that way for them and he leans in for a kiss.  Summer says she likes him as a friend and she's thinking about getting involved with someone new.  Fen asks who but she doesn't say.  She thought they were there to talk about other things.  Fen is depressed and rejected and Summer apologizes but says she has to go and leaves.  Carmine sees Fen - now he understands why he looks so bummed - go after her.  With all he's got no girl can resist that. 

Carmine tries to talk Billy into an after-hours game.  Billy says no and then Lauren walks in.  Perfect timing.  Lauren says everything is wrong - she wants to crawl into bed.  He says why don't they crawl into bed together and disappear for a few days.  She looks interested.

Tyler tells Lily that is father had a heart attack.  She's very sorry - does he need anything.  His phone rings - its Veronica.  He makes a date to meet her.  Lily tells him to go and relax and forget about everything. 

Leslie tells Neil she knows her father said Rose, but he's denying it.  His box is sitting in front of them - Leslie thinks the answer is in there but Neil says Gus is entitled to his privacy.  She wants to open the box but Neil discourages her from doing that.  She might find out something she doesn't want to know.

Lauren is fiddling with her wedding band and Carmine asks her to away.  She thinks that's exactly what she needs.  Billy is fiddling with a deck of cards and then puts them back in the box but he can't stop looking at them.

Summer moves in to the Abbott house and nuKyle smiles at her as Fen comes to the door and sees her talking to him.  Michael packs his bag and leaves - Lauren isn't even there.  She is laughing with Carmine at the bar.  Poor Michael looks dejected and sits down and cries before he leaves.  He is devastated and she's having fun.  Tyler takes a rose to give to his new girlfriend as he looks at Lily and she at him.  Leslie kisses Neil good night and stares at the box.  Cane comes back to work and Lily gives him a big hug.  Leslie opens the box and finds a stack of letters from someone who's name is R. Turner - Rose?

In the preview Katherine tells Cane she wants him to run Chancellor, Adam delivers his divorce papers to Chelsea, and Dylan tells Avery he's going to be a father.

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